Feb 12 • 28M

Ep. 205 "COVID Brain-Fog Edition"

AJ & Chris are finally back in the New Year. After dealing with COVID & gaining some travel insights .

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Thank you to everyone who checked in on us while we were unexpectedly taken away from recording.

Holiday Travel and Covid

AJ’s observations of travel in the current Covid era

Washington Post: You asked: I got covid on vacation. Where should I report my case?


  • Bring Covid rapid tests with you

  • Before booking your trip, check the area you are going and what/where testing locations are

  • Consult health insurance as to what forms, numbers, etc for reimbursement

  • N95 vs KN95 and where you buy them


  • Travel insurance / Credit Card purchase travel insurance

  • Carry on at a premium ; Apple AirTag

    • Checking your carry on at the gate

      • Planes at an all time heavy- Checked baggage at a premium

  • Health Tracker- Garmin Instinct in AJ’s case- worked well as a way to put his biometric baseline as a way to track and help his way back to healthy while dealing with COVID 19.

  • Actual wrist shot from AJ in tracking his infection/recovery.

  • This YouTuber around the same time did a great video run down of a similar approach.

Chris’ tips for travel in COVID era

  • Confirmation/Boarding Pass printout - Just in case your flight info is only on your airline app and your phone battery dies. Don’t have a printer? Try OfficeMax self-service printing.

  • Pick a dedicated location at home where all essential travel documents are stored to prevent misplacing and last-minute stress in finding your stuff.

  • Invest in a unique luggage tag to stand out in the baggage claim carousel.


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Local Update

Chris - Post-Valentine’s Day experiences

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