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Ep. 206 "Adventurgogy 101 (Adventure-Pedagogy)"

Ep. 206 "Adventurgogy 101 (Adventure-Pedagogy)"

You are now enrolled in Adventure 101

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RECORDED: AJ’s talk on Travelogue: “Traveling & Trekking with a Toddler.” Streamed live 17 February 2022: 1900-21:00 PST from the Bellingham Old City Hall

Backstory on the talk:

“Mountain Rules” - one for every year since birth

  1. Lookout Mountain (to waterfall vista)Always listen to Dada

  2. Never Goof Around

  3. Always Pay Attention

  4. Be Careful 

  5. Only ever go as far, as you know you can get back

Find an extrinsic motivation; to help instill an intrinsic motivation (flag and snacks)


Flora and Fauna:

Urban hiking:

  • Interurban trail/Northridge Park

  • Semiahmoo (and incorporate Geocaching)

Beginner forest trail hikes:

  • Lookout Mountain (to waterfall vista)

101 Kit for your sub-5 year-old

  • Backpack (REI Tarn 18)

  • Trekking Poles

  • Water

  • Snacks

  • Compass

  • Camera

  • Map/GPS

  • Watch (you and them)

Digital Kit has links to all below

  • Seek

  • Merlin (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

  • Relive

  • Garmin Explore

  • Geocache


Quality Assurance:


  • Welcome to Earth (with Will Smith)- see an actor learn from explorers what skills are needed to become an explorer

Chris: - Up-to-date county news online. Sometimes within minutes!

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