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Ep. 207 "Adventurgogy 201"

Ep. 207 "Adventurgogy 201"

How to build up stamina and building in adventure activities for your little

Building off Ep. 206…

“Mountain Rules” - one for every year since birth

  1. Lookout Mountain (to waterfall vista)Always listen to Dada

  2. Never Goof Around

  3. Always Pay Attention

  4. Be Careful 

  5. Only ever go as far, as you know you can get back

Go Camping

Doesn’t matter where, but involve your little in the process. Let them pack for them and your family. Let them ask why you are packing things, and let them think through what they thing you and your family needs and why.

Don’t have kit?

  • REI Rentals

  • Garage Sale/ second hand/ borrow from a neighbor


SUP Paddle-boarding/Diving lakes

  • Silver Lake

  • Lake Whatcom

  • Diablo

Intermediate Urban

  • Osprey Shipwreck/Locus Beach

  • Arroyo Park

  • Larrabee State Park

  • Washington Park (Anacortes)

Intermediate forest trail hikes:

  • Bagley/Chain Lakes (Baker)

  • Samish Overlook to Oysterdome

  • Bowl and Pitcher (Spokane)

201 Kit for your sub-5 year-old

Digital Kit

Quality Assurance:


  • Albert Lin “Lost Cities”
    ”award winning Explorer of the National Geographic Society, serial entrepreneur, UCSD scientist, and storyteller.”


  • PHO 360 - Sehome Village, across from REI, next to Insomnia Cookies - 232 36th St Bellingham, WA 98225

The Bellingham Podcast
Bellingham Podcast
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