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The Bellingham Podcast
Ep. 208 "Boundary Swirl; with artist Shawn Kemp"

Ep. 208 "Boundary Swirl; with artist Shawn Kemp"

Meet the artist behind, and his PNW take on generative art.

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Shawn Kemp

Artist behind Boundary Swirl and City Circle. These pieces use a combination of technologies using blockchain and generative generative for its creation and verification, to laser-cutting the generative art output. He available work can be found in Boundary Bay or on his site

To participate in the Boundary Swirl

AJ’s Boundary Swirl AllEditions.Art

Boundary Bay gallery showcase of the Boundary Swirl- with QR code for folks to scan and generate their own.

New from AJ Barse

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New from Chris Powell:

The Canvas Insider:

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