May 7 • 31M

Ep. 209 "Spring Back Onto The Mic"

For the week of May 8, 2022. After a month away, Chris and AJ are back!

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Tribute to AJ and Chris’ mothers for this Mother's day weekend

Chris -

Monastic Technology - because minimal technology is so 2018.

Analog Consolidation - Pick a own, pick a notebook, and fill ‘er up

Memories of ‘90s Ambient music - CD treasure hunts to bring some happiness into the day

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Shawn Kemp on the Bellingham Podcast

Photoshoot: Family Travel in Vancouver BC & the Venturesafe EXP45- Pacsafe

Podcast: Mission Time with Matt Graham - produced by AJ (Analog Explorer Productions) - first episode to drop Monday 9 May.

HOSA is back!

DGR 2022 -

Titanium ARES Diver-1, case manufactured right here in the PNW.