May 7, 2022 • 31M

Ep. 209 "Spring Back Onto The Mic"

For the week of May 8, 2022. After a month away, Chris and AJ are back!

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AJ Barse
Chris Powell
Pacific Northwest aficionados, AJ Barse and Chris Powell are your hosts each week talking about their views and interests in technology, travel, gear and watches. Or, put another way, "PNW life and views from the city by the Salish Sea." The Bellingham Podcast is recorded in or on location in or around the City of Subdued Excitement, Bellingham Washington. This show is also available on-air on Bellingham's KMRE 102.3FM.

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Tribute to AJ and Chris’ mothers for this Mother's day weekend

Chris -

Monastic Technology - because minimal technology is so 2018.

Analog Consolidation - Pick a own, pick a notebook, and fill ‘er up

Memories of ‘90s Ambient music - CD treasure hunts to bring some happiness into the day

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Shawn Kemp on the Bellingham Podcast

Photoshoot: Family Travel in Vancouver BC & the Venturesafe EXP45- Pacsafe

Podcast: Mission Time with Matt Graham - produced by AJ (Analog Explorer Productions) - first episode to drop Monday 9 May.

HOSA is back!

DGR 2022 -

Titanium ARES Diver-1, case manufactured right here in the PNW.