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Ep. 210 | EDC Made In America [Part 1]

Ep. 210 | EDC Made In America [Part 1]

A topic as big as America itself, we had to make it a two-parter.

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Clothing & Bags

Small section of things made by Carhartt 

American Giant - Middelsex, NC

Tom Bihn - Seattle WA Show room reopens May 18! -

Fayettechill - based in the Ozarks but uses American manufactures from across the states.


All-ett - California

Recycled Firefighter -

Field Notes -

Rite in the Rain - Tacoma Wa

Shinola - Though dinged by the FTC for using Swiss and other imported parts, the watches are still fully assembled in the United States, with other products and materials sourced through manufacturing partners in Ann Arbor and Wisconsin.

ARES - Stanwood Wa. -

Analog Explorer
AE. 09 ARES Watch Co. [Stanwood Wa.] #watchfam
Listen now (37 min) | Meet Matthew Graham, owner and manufacture of the PNW based ARES Watch Company in Stanwood Washington USA. - In this episode, we take a look at a regular daydream that drifts into mind of many watch enthusiasts; to make a watch, or, to make a watch company? I took a 45 min drive south from Bellingham to meet up with Matt at…
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Made in Washington*

Flax4Life - Based in Bellingham. Nutritious, healthy baked goods. Or Horton Way!

Filson - Based in Seattle, high-quality clothing, bags, and luggage…though some products made overseas. Since 1897 by C.C. Filson, founder.

Nalgene Water Bottles

Platypus “Flexible” bottles and hydration packs - Based in Seattle with a dedication to tasty water complete with a, “…certified, world-class water laboratory”

New Balance - A number of shoe models made in the USA for men and women.

Luna Sandals - Based in Wenatchee, “…minimal footwear, maximum benefits”

Decent Exposures - Based in SeaTac, WA, “Organic…Custom made bras, underwear & clothing for all shapes, sizes, and sensitivities.”

Holy Lamb Organics - Based in Oakville, ear Rochester, locally-produced bedding items… “create beautiful, sustainably handcrafted products using all natural and organic materials for a healthy, eco-friendly life and home.” Oprah magazine reviewed them as, “Fluffy! A domestic producer with strong eco-standards…cozy and clean…straight from the box.”
Hoban Cards - Based in Chehalis, high quality business and calling cards

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