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The Bellingham Podcast
Ep. 213 | Your Digital Estate | #tech

Ep. 213 | Your Digital Estate | #tech

Should something happen... who should get access to your online life?


Juneteenth Holiday

Fathers Day

Whatcom Dads Podcast - Mark Bagley, Nathan Dwyer, and Chris Roselli

Legal Disclaimers and Background

A guide to your Digital Estate

Another guide to your Digital Estate

A 2015 RUFADAA - Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act = Information pertaining to a digital will and an assigned fiduciary

What to consider…should something happen

  • Who have you shared access to your mobile phone with? [Digital Executor]

  • Who have you shared access to your personal computer with? [Digital Executor]

  • Who have you given access to your personal email password? [Digital Executor]

  • Do you have a folder of bookmarks for your bank website and other financial investment websites?

  • If you stored important information on your office computer, who has access to this? Do they know your login password?

  • Where are external drives located in your house or office?

Chris’ Client

What to do when data is scattered everywhere

AJ’s data migration

Homing your data to a NAS and anti-cloud can of worms: Episode 171 “BellingHOME your Data)

Chris’ brutally-complicated tech landscape (and how someone can access his Digital Estate)

  • Over 200 online accounts stored in a password manager vault

    • each account has a unique email address (you read that right)

    • each account has a unique password that is either 40+ characters or five words in a passphrase (CP doesn’t joke about this)

    • A number of online accounts require multi-factor authentication.

  • Chris’ wife knows there is a specific book in their house with a sheet of paper inside it. This sheet of paper contains:

    • The passphrase used to authenticate to the password manager vault.

    • The PIN code to his mobile phone

    • The name of the MFA authentication app on the phone and the password to authenticate into it

    • Any additional information not stored in Password Manager, e.g. Bank password

The Bellingham Podcast
The Bellingham Podcast
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