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Ep. 215 | Word of Note: Aikoku

Ep. 215 | Word of Note: Aikoku

Words of Note series is back; taking a look at a Japanese word for grief, mourning, or lamentation from the lens of the City by the Salish Sea

Aikoku - A Japanese word for grief, mourning, or lamentation

A Proposed Playlist to Embrace your Inner Mope

Where are AJ and Chris experiencing Aikoku in Bellingham?


Magdalena’s Creperie in Fairhaven - Aug 2, 2022 *Restaurant closed but: see this update*

The pandemic has helped so many hit the trails | the Aikoku of this, is that so many now are out on the trails. Twin Lakes | Winchester

Everyday Music - Closes mid-Aug 2022


Black Drop Coffeehouse - January 2022

Fairhaven Pizza - March 2022

Film is Truth - April 2022

Uisce Irish Pub - End of August 2022

15 minutes to anywhere in Bellingham

Scheduling appointments with your doctor, vet, counselor, or other professional within one week’s time.

Coffee shops playing music conducive for conversations or work/study, and staff who used their “inside voice” when chatting with co-workers.

Walking along trails without hearing other people’s bluetooth speakers playing their music loudly.

Free parking in downtown Fairhaven

A non-intrusive experience browsing in a retail store on Meridian Street.

Tips to avoid unnecessary Aikoku

In the rush to be “first to report.” don’t immediately believe everything you read in online news sites #Corrections

Resist the urge to mean-tweet or mean-post.

Check the Bellingham sub-reddit for updated comments while maintaining a cautious mindset.

The Bellingham Podcast
The Bellingham Podcast
Pacific Northwest aficionados, AJ Barse and Chris Powell are your hosts each week talking about their views and interests in technology, travel, gear and watches. Or, put another way, "PNW life and views from the city by the Salish Sea." The Bellingham Podcast is recorded in or on location in or around the City of Subdued Excitement, Bellingham Washington. This show is also available on-air on Bellingham's KMRE 102.3FM.
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