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The Bellingham Podcast
Ep. 218 | Holidays by the Salish Sea

Ep. 218 | Holidays by the Salish Sea

Gift ideas and a Bellingham PNW mindset idea for the upcoming holiday season.

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The Chatter

Meeting a GPO 🐙 in the wild |

Analog Explorer
Meeting the Gentle Giant of the PNW | The Giant Pacific Octopus
Watch now (3 min) | Audio Narration of the article Keystone is perhaps best known by locals for the ferry crossing that goes from Whidbey Island to Port Townsend. I, like so many, take this crossing regularly either visit family or to venture out to the Olympic Peninsula. The ferry port is just below the…
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  • Typsim Watches - Seattle Wa. USA

The News

Guess who’s back? “Now open for pierogi pickup, takeout, and a limited menu for inside or sidewalk dining.” Sat/Sun 9.30 - 2 pm. -

  • and celebrated her 13th year as a restaurant reopening the week of her original opening

Scone Grone + Quantum Leaf

KMRE Raise the Antenna fundraiser and auction

“Saving Christmas Town” @MBT December 3 & 4

Shoutout to @NoBoxNoPaper for question to the show

The Upcoming Holidays - A Different Mindset


WildMaterials- Lissa Clear 2500 Elm St Suite 10

Board Games for the family

Adagio Teas- find a tea themed for anyone

Seattle made watch- Typsim
”The design, fabrication, and testing of Typsim watches is a worldwide production. Components are fabricated in Switzerland, Hong Kong, & the United States of America, chronometer certification happens in France, but at the center is the Typsim workshop located in Seattle, WA, USA where the design, assembly, and final quality assurance takes place.”

  • AJ’s Deep dive 🤿 with Typsim on wrist |

    A post shared by AJ Barse (@ajbarse)

Chris -

Monthly gifts or experiences in 2023, aligned with the Five Love Languages.

  • One book a month from Village Books from your special someone’s reading wishlist.

    • #Gifts #WordsOfAffirmation (your message inside the book to your recipient)

  • A pint a month for your special someone (over 21) at a different location in Bellingham.

    • #Gifts #QualityTime

  • A new board game a month for your little, also found at Village Books.

    • #Gifts #QualityTime

  • A massage a month for your special someone. Locations all around Bellingham.

    • #Gifts #PhysicalTouch

Rad or Sad

AJ - Is it the end of the late night coffee shop?

  • Makeworth closes by 3pm

  • Woods downtown closes by 5pm

  • Lettered Streets Coffee closes by 3 pm

Chris - The decline of big tech companies.

Quality Assurance



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