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Ep. 228 | Retire-tech

Ep. 228 | Retire-tech

Chris brings up to AJ thoughts of retirement and tech? And Quality Assurance has some perfect places for that beverage 0-100 proof?

Happy Thanksgiving (USA), everyone!

AJ’s dive to the HCMS Annapolis

Analog Explorer
Diving the 🇨🇦 Destroyer HMCS Annapolis
[Be sure to check out the voiceover for this article above, it more like a mini-podcast - hope you enjoy 🎙️] This has been the dive I’ve been looking forward to all month. A diver’s road trip that goes to a boat that will take us to explore a (purposely) sunken destroyer. What more could you ask for on any given Sunday…
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Chris’ Retirement Tech

  • Proton Mail |

  • Signal Messenger |

Quality Assurance

Chris- COF&

AJ - Amendment 21 (Hotel Leo) -

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