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Ep. 229 | Retrospective Prospective

Ep. 229 | Retrospective Prospective

Chris and AJ wrap up 2023 and look forward to podcasting in 2024

Thank you all so much again for another year of supporting the podcast! After a few weeks of sickness, Chris’ sweet baritone voice is back in action just in time to punch out on 2023. From Chris and AJ of your Bellingham Podcast, we hope you have a happy holiday season, a fun and safe new year, and stay warm here in the City by the Salish Sea.

Local Updates:

Bellingham old Terminal Building fire

Fire ravaged termial building the next day, firetruck outside with firefighters
Screenshot from KING 5

Gone Diving, our last remaining dive shop to be sold/ to close in 2024


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Bellingham Podcast
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