Nov 22, 2021 • 37M

Episode 202

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AJ Barse
Pacific Northwest aficionados, AJ Barse and Chris Powell are your hosts each week talking about their views and interests in technology, travel, gear and watches. Or, put another way, "PNW life and views from the city by the Salish Sea." The Bellingham Podcast is recorded in or on location in or around the City of Subdued Excitement, Bellingham Washington. This show is also available on-air on Bellingham's KMRE 102.3FM.


Chrome Industries is in Portland. Mission Workshop is in SF.


Renters Insurance for future occurrences?

Do you have enough food/liquid for a couple of days?

Do you have an escape route or friends to stay with


This week’s sponsor is cool AF, like the kids say nowadays. In this case, the AF stands for AutoFlipper!

Field Tests


Rad Or Sad


Chris -

  • Comments in online articles or social media posts

  • State Street (westbound from Chestnut Street to Fairhaven) residential development and reconfiguring the roads

  • Trader Joe’s on James Street

Quality Assurance

AJ -

The Alpinist

Chris -

This Band Isn’t Real, @AI_Metal_Bot on Twitter. Perfect for complicated passwords, e.g. Angry Old Men from New Jersey, Under Hollow Skies - The Wind Brings Demise, and Skylurker - Whispers from the Mist.

The Beatles: Get Back - A three-part “docuseries” on Disney+ streaming on Thanksgiving Day.