Dec 30, 2021 • 36M

Episode 204 - Requiem for 2021

What we discussed, how we changed, and what lies ahead

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What we discussed in 27 episodes (and two bonus AE episodes)

  • Analog Resolutions

  • Sustainable, Minimal, and save money? 2-part

  • Hi-fi audiophilia

  • Lo-fi audiophilia

  • Tech that taught us something new in the pandemic

  • 5-year anniversary - New cover art - AJ’s blog post

  • Forced Reset

  • Collection Culture 2-part

  • Hey World - Chris’ tech episode

  • Captain Get-Out - AJ’s outdoor episode

  • PNW x UK Wanderlust w/UK Dan @timely_moments

  • Motorcycle culture and rides, west coast x east coast w/Navy Dan @rising_sun_sailor

  • Chris’ Walden Pond

  • Welcome Back to Bellingham mini-series - Episodes 191 to 197

    • Getting Out in Bellingham

    • Dining Out in Bellingham

    • Getting a Drink in Bellingham

    • Getting to know the new downtown

    • Wandering in Whatcom County 2-part

    • Getting Comfy in Bellingham

  • PPE or Post-Pandemic EDC 2-part

  • Episode 200 at the Oyster Dome

  • Finding the Flow

  • PNWet

  • Gift Guide’n

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New Sponsor - MinimaLife

AJ, I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but I have been a devotee to the minimalist lifestyle for over a decade now. Yup, I’m so minimal I don’t like using vowels when I type. I’ve eliminated so much clutter from my life in these 10+ years that there’s not much left. Just me, my family and friends, and the plaque on my teeth. Wouldn’t you know that I nearly squee’d (without the E’s) when I saw a new subscription box service coming in early 2022! That’s right, the fine folks at MinimaLife have the soon-to-be must-have subscription box service of this new year….

Rad or Sad - A tasty conversational topic!

AJ -

Digital avatar editions of Live Concerts- future of post-pandemic entertainment

Streaming Services - now in the OTT era

Chris -

Her Connection Hub, a working space for women in the old PSE building downtown, owned by for Community Connections Conversations…converser Heather Simpson!

Paywalls requiring accounts and memberships to read a story online. And the antidote?